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congrats creamline and to my POG ate beiii!!!!!


04/18 21:08:42


(0205) : racing license is restrictive and the process is overly cumbersome leading to almost no international competitors being granted access to Japan’s state sponsored horse racing prize money. Don’t forget the


04/18 15:56:02


for all intents and purposes beat refraction railway for the first time rewarded with maid ishy (pog) and a dupe of dieci hong lu who i pulled last week instead of rateup or a new unit or EGO

for、all、intents、and、purposes、beat、refraction、railway、for、the、first、time rewarded、with、maid、ishy、(pog)、and、a、dupe、of、dieci、hong、lu、who、i、pulled、last、week、instead、of、rateup、or、a、new、unit、or、EGO

04/18 15:13:58


itaga nyo na sa limestone cmft in 4 pog isa molde with 12 attacks, 2 blocks, and 1 ace 19-25, 25-17, 27-25, 25-22

itaga、nyo、na、sa、limestone、cmft、in、4、pog、isa、molde、with、12、attacks,、2、blocks,、and、1、ace 19-25,、25-17,、27-25,、25-22

04/18 12:43:29

海外競馬情報スレ '24その3

(0790) : レイシスト馬主John Stewart 自信最高の馬を日本で走らせると宣言 逃亡しないようにこれから徹底的に詰めていく I am going to Japan with my best horses and I am going to keep everyone updated on the whole process. The idea that anyone is “afraid” to


04/18 10:38:44


@SaideiNG She so pog, and maybe even a little bit skibidi


04/18 09:08:15


@HALLOWEDAVENGER #𝐍𝐨𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐳𝐚 You're pog, beside I really love Mumu and Angra's friendship, the battle at Columbia was just so amazing and you have so much talent for him.

、、、、、、、、 You're、pog,、beside I、really、love、Mumu、and、Angra's、friendship,、the、battle、at、Columbia、was、just、so、amazing、and、you、have、so、much、talent、for、him.

04/18 05:48:58


@Duffycaramole @esined33 Give Amanda Holden a chance . She is a Battersea ambassador, and it was her ancestor that started Battersea. POG is big shoes to fill , but I feel Miss Holden has the love


04/18 05:17:24


@filmandtea I'm going on a trip this Saturday Pog, and WoW on Sunday


04/18 05:12:04


o he texted that he misses me but he needs to do therapy and work through shit and he wants to be friends w no pressure to “see how things develop” pog


04/18 03:22:40