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Good morning Tuesdey💐 Heart it for you💖 Full of love🤍 I will give it all with a smile today too. With you…💖

05/18 06:29


おはよよよ~ん!😆 今週のオークスの焦点は クロフネ産駒であるソダシが 2000m走れるかということですね🤔 POGのサトノレイナスがいれば 迷わず本命だったのだけど ダービーへ行っちゃったからなあ😟 アカイトリノムスメは…

05/18 06:27

Racing TV

Joe Mercer's wins on Brigadier Gerard included the Prince of Wales's Stakes at Royal Ascot but he explained to…

05/18 06:21

At The Races

“The perfect stepping stone to Royal @Ascot” – Dream Of Dreams was a class apart in the Listed feature at @WindsorRaces tonight!

05/18 05:46

At The Races

A legendary partnership. The late Joe Mercer tells the story of Brigadier Gerard from start to finish...

05/18 05:16

Racing Post

BETTING WORLD 🌍 💬 "I think they need to continue to be supportive of the industry as we go forward under the gambl…

05/18 04:30

Racing Post

In tomorrow's @RacingPost: 🏇 Tributes and reflections following the death of legendary rider Joe Mercer 🗣️ A must-…

05/18 04:18


Lead HISA Sponsors File Brief in Support of Federal Legislation

05/18 03:26

At The Races

“The Gentleman of the Weighing Room” – Philip Robinson couldn’t speak highly enough of the late Joe Mercer, chattin…

05/18 03:17

At The Races

See you at Royal @Ascot, Dream Of Dreams! 🙌

05/18 02:57